PEKI - Brass float valves - 50 years made in Germany

grosse-bauart.gifPEKI - is a PVA own-brand of this serie 

Our mechanical brass valve series is manufactured since decades from high-quality components and precision trick parts which are manufactured with modern synthetic material injection moulding parts and sealing elements from German production.

The PEKI is a million times proved construction, which is constantly developed and supplemented for new areas of application with new materials and specifications in modern production engineering for big and small series.

Daily new applications in

  • Industry 
  • Sanitary
  • Agriculture
  • Engeneering

are securely regulated about this mechanical level control of the PEKI construction.

PEKI-Classic Art. 8A + 8-90/bl

PEKI is our own brand float valve and stands for a simple mechanical water flow in all commercail WC cisterns. Art. PEKI 8A has been developed as a universal refill valve for high-hanging cisterns and for balance reservoir / water dividing systems and today it is used universally.



Art. 8A-170

This brass float valve is available as PEKI Art. 8A-170 with shortened bar with170 mm construction length.

On demand, we can individually manufacture constuction lengths from 170 up to 300 mm.                                                                                                                      



Art. 8G-8

PEKI- Serie "big" bore, fulfils the requirement of many users for more flow.
Art. 8G8 was designed with a 8mm bore instead of 3mm, which allows a higher flow rate.                                                                                                                       



Art. 8G-12 - 3/8"

PEKI- Serie "big" bore, fulfils the requirement of many users for more flow.
Art. 8G12 was designed with a 12mm bore instead of 3mm, which allows a 3 times higher flow rate.                                                                                                      



Art. 8G-12/2 - 1/2"

PEKI-Series "big" bore, fulfils the requirement of many users for more flow.
The items listed below are designed with 12mm valve seat bores, which are otherwise only installed on 3/4 to 1" valves, which allows a large filling capacity in a compact design.



Art. 8G-12/2LG-V

The lever is vertical for this float valve and is manufactured from V2A. This construction makes possible a higher filling regulation vertically. Reservoirs can be adjusted, in this connection, with a very low liquid level.



Art. 8ADBL4

The compact float valve PEKI-compact Art. 8ADBL4 is so far the smallest series variant, which is used to save space in small containers.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                       8adbl4_neue Serie